Which length Rib is best ?

This is the most popular question and is a matter of personal choice and budget. 95% of shooters choose the full length 750mm rib because it looks the most natural on the gun, but the short rib presents the same sight picture and gives the same advantages. The 750mm long rib is the perfect full length rib for barrels of 30 inches or more and we can happily make a full length rib for shorter barrels.

What height rib do I need ?

This depends on what disciplines you are shooting and how you shoot. In general the trap disciplines benefit more from the higher, 20mm or more rib and the sporting shooters tend to prefer a 12mm rib. We offer an exchange scheme so that you can try a 12mm or 20mm rib and then if necessary change that rib for another size, for example 24mm. There is no charge for this exchange other than the postage costs.

How do I fit a Highrib ?

The ribs are attached to the gun by magnets embedded in the base and a friction strip on the bottom, simply remove the protective film on the friction strip and carefully place the rib on top of your existing rib. Press down gently and the rib is then held securely in position.To remove, simply tip the rib off the gun and pull away.The fixing and removal of the rib takes only seconds and is fully secure with no need for fixtures or screws that can damage your existing rib. Full instructions are included.

What about the foresight bead on my existing rib ?

You do not need to remove the beads from your existing gun. The highrib is made with openings to fit over foresight and centre beads so there is no need to change anything on the existing rib.

What kind of foresight bead ?

The rib is supplied with the standard red bead fitted as shown in the picture above or we can supply the rib with no bead and you can fit your own or have a bead of your choice fitted locally. Most shooters find our standard red bead to be ideal.

What about a centre bead ?

We do not fit centre beads because most of our customers prefer not to have one. There is a large range in sizes of centre beads so if you require a centre bead we recommend that you have one fitted locally. We find that most shooters prefer the HighRib without any centre bead.

Are the magnets strong enough ?

Yes, we have been supplying ribs for over 5 years to customers all over the world. The combination of neodymium magnets and a friction strip is guaranteed to hold the rib securely in place.

What are the prices in $ or € or my currency ?

The best method for payment is by Paypal and the conversion is done by Paypal. Payment can also be made by bank transfer and the bank will inform you of the currency conversion rates.

Do I need to raise the stock comb ?

The best advice here is that if your gun fits you at the moment and you want to shoot with a high rib then you will need to raise the stock comb by the same height as the HighRib. This can be done easily with a comb raising pad or the stock can be made adjustable. more info

How is Point of Aim affected ?

If the rib and comb of your gun are raised by the same amount then the point of aim remains the same. There is therefore no need to have an adjustable HighRib. We have worked with customers who have wanted to change their point of aim using a HighRib. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this option.