Prices & How to Buy


The prices for the standard range are set out below.
The cost for bespoke made to order high ribs are very similar to those displayed below, please contact me to discuss further.

12mm Highribs


  • Short (280mm long) - £155
  • YouMedium (550mm long) - £175
  • Long (750mm long) - £225

20mm Highribs


  • Short (280mm long) - £175
  • Medium (550mm long) - £225
  • Long (750mm long) - £245

50mm Highribs


  • Short (280mm long) - £225
  • Medium (550mm long) - £255
  • Long (750mm long) - £275

How to order a High Rib

We do not have an online ordering system as we like to speak to each customer by phone or email to help with their selection and check all the relevant details.
The order will then be processed and the rib made and sent out within a few days. Payment can be by card, Paypal or bank transfer to suit you.
We have supplied ribs to shooters all over the world and are proud to have international shooters from across the globe using our highribs.
Please email or telephone for more information.

Telephone Int : +44 7876 335557
Telephone UK : 07876 335557
Email :